Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You are accused if being my best friend + awardz!

I have recentlly seen a very harsh act of blog viewing (OK I have no idea how to put this into words) Guys please, if your going to view my blog I would appreciate it if you actually viewed it because you want to. Not because you want to go to another blog or just get some useless imformatiom. Because GUESS WHAT? it actually does hurt.*
moving on
One of my besti's sent this to me. It's called Court Orderz. You have to send this to 10 people and if you get ten back you know your friendship is worth keeping. Well I think if you get ANY back your friendship is worth keeping!****

Court Orderz***
You are accused of ....... crawling into my HEART...... and hijacking my SMILES :).... with your CUTENESS... HOW DO YOU PLEAD?......... GUILTY!!!!!!!! YOU are sentanced........ =)...... TO BE MY FRIEND FOR LIFE!!!!!!!...... NO BAIL:)

send this to all of your friends including me!

I also found this cute picture...

HAHAHAHAHA... I LOVE IT! It's so sad that I am NO LONGER ON A HIGH! *sigh*
poor me!

OK now for awardz!
I finally have my award that I tried to make! HEHEHEHEHE!
for this award you have to have changed an 's' is one of your posts' words' to a 'z'. And like Mizz Ali said: It has to be in one of your PREVIOUS posts! So just commenmt me if you have and tell me what post! If you WANT to award this award back to me you can. There is one more award that I made today. Its called the optimistic blogger award. NOW THIS DEFINATELY DOESNT APPLY TO ME! I am so not optimistic. But hey if you want to award it to me then COOL BANANAS! For this award you have to
#1 Thank the person who gave this to you.
#2 Award 2 optimistic bloggers
#3 name 7 BAD things that have ever happened to you.
I award: LOULOU and Mizz Ali


6 blog lovin' comments:

Mizz Ali said...

hey ash! that award is SOOO cool, and you know how many 'zzzz's i use in my posts! LOL! LOVE the 'court order'!!!

See ya soon =======)

and what do u mean about the blog viewing thingi?

lv Ali =)

PS O, I was just wondering, wen did u get Rach's award? I checked her blog and your name wasnt there!!


You gave it me!

Mizz Ali said...

i didnt giv it 2 anyone! i gave u another award ON that post!! lol, it wasnt my award to giv out!

Loulou said...

Hey!!! Thanks a bunch for the award, I'll make sure to do that!!!

Cassidy said...

Awards are, like, the most fun things in the blogoerse. Yes. Yes they are.

Christiejolu said...

You did a good job on those awards!