Thursday, June 10, 2010

7 Day Memory Challenge and Challenge no. 2!

Heres my 7 day Memory Challenge! (finally)

Day 1: A happy memory

Well I was with my BFF at a water park and we were just dancing in the pool. We didn't care what anyone thoiught of us because we were just having fun. Her and I dance EVERYWHERE we go. Even at the mall, marketday (we earned money), and everywhere else that has music. When I'm with her I can just be my CRAZI self and not care what I do or say!
Day 2: A sad memory
Well I was with kit-kat, and we were painting her room with her dad. It was a happy memory then. But after her dad died everytime I look back to that memory I feel really sad that I'm NEVER going to see him again.
Day 3: A funny memory that happened at school(or home school)
I was sitting with Kit-kat at break and everyone was squirting these bottles that squirts out water when your hot or when you want to cool off. There are also ones with fans. So one of my friend came up to me with a bottle without a fan. I look at it strangely and I say," Where's the fan?"
Kit-kat just smiles at me and then starts to burst out laughing. She told me there was no fan and then whenever she wants to make me laugh she just says the word fan. It was funnier at the time.
Day 4: An embarrassing memory that happened at the mall
I am sooooo LUCKY that I dont have one!
Day 5: The worst memory thats ever happened to you
UMMMMMMMMM! I'll gat back to you on that!
Day 6: The best memory thats ever happened to you
That would have to be the time I went to Gold Reef City on a choir tour. We went on this water ride and we got stuck on it for luck 10 minutes. My one friend couldn't stop making me laugh!
Day 7: A memory that happened with your friends
We were at a sleepover and we stayed up until 2AM!
Time for my NEW challenge!
It's called the...
TAG challenge! (couldn'y think of a better name!)
This is what you have to do...
There are 5 questions!
1. How old were you when you had your first crush?
2.What's the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?
3. Lead guitarist or Lead singer?
4.What is your fav. fav. TV show?
5.Dog or Dragon?
  • You have to answer all of these questions once you get the tag.
  • Once you do this, make up your own questions and add it to the tag.
  • Then pass it on to 1 person.
  • The person who you pass it on to will do the same thing as well as answer your question. And then it goes ON and ON!
  • You have to mention the people who have gotton the tag before you so that you dont give it to one person twice. Unlesws you are the first person who got this tag.

I tag...

I hope this tag will got MILES!

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Mizz Ali said...

REALLY AWESOME POST! OMG!! I remember that choir tour! it was SO MUCH FUN! and we got SOPPING WET! wasn't more than 10? Ah, well it felt like FOREVER! and, geee, those spray bottles are soooo cool! (not in winter though!)

Loulou said...

Thanks a bunch, I posted it on my other blog I started not that long ago:
Have a look, but you dont have to follow, you are already following one!