Monday, June 21, 2010

My 50 post + results to quiz + an egg moment!

OMG! It is my 50th post! I want to do something special for this post so I am going to post about a really fun egg moment and the results to the soccer quiz. The reason why I am so excited for my 50th post is because I have 30 followers! I feel really cool right now! Thank you Mizz Ali!


Here are the quiz results!

1. What is the staduim in Durban called?
The Moses Mabida Stadium
2. How many matches are being played in Durban?
7 matches
3. How many countries are playing?
32 countries
4. Who is playing the very first match in Durban?
South Africa against Mexico
5. How do we celebrate the World cup in South Africa?
We celebrate it by blowing vuvuzelas and putting flags on our cars etc...

I hope you all enjoyed that quiz, I am so sorry if I got some facts wrong!
Now for my EGG MOMENT!

Ok, so yesterday I was at a fishing prize giving with my dad and at the end the 2 captains got to egg the losing team. But instead of the 2 captains doing the egging, 2 kids got to egg them. It was SO fun. I was one of the 2 kids. It felt so good. But unfortunately afterwards I was FORCED to rub the egg in with my hands so I got egg all over myself. BUT IT WAS STILL FUN!!

Thats all for today=)

4 blog lovin' comments:

Loulou said...

Funny. I wish I could have egged a few people...

Mizz Ali said...

cool! and im glad i could help about u gettin 30 followerz!

Talia said...

Happy 50th post! And that's AMAZING about your 30 followers! You deserve them =) The egging DOES sound fun =) haha lots of love!



thnx sooooo much you guys! Its funny I always reply with the same thing because you guys leave such nice comments!=)