Friday, September 10, 2010

OMG funny vidios=)

Random Quote:
"I have taken over funny or die, It's mine, I bought it, anything that isn't bieber... DIES!!!

-Justin Bieber!

OMG!Justin, I totally agree! haha, so guys, I have been reading these really funny tweets about Justin Bieber, that I will post on everyone of your posts, there for JB hataz as well but I prefer the onez about JB that are more..... anti JB hataz!!! HAHAHA!! on with the pozt!

Hey guys, hahaha, these videos of Justin Bieber are SOOOOOOOO funny!

********************become one with the biebernezz***************************

omg hez awesome!!!! *DROOL*

************(become one with the biebernezz!)***********************

haha!!hopw you enjoyed them!! will try and pozt again soooooon!! plz tell veryone that I'm back cuz hardly any1s commenting, but you guyz who do, TOTALLY ROCK!!!
HAHAHAHHAAHHA!! lav you guyz!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

M horrible day!!!! *sigh*

Hey guyz, still super stoked about mi weekend.... haha, well this weekend anywayz.... last weekend I went to a party az you all know.... BUT THIS WEEKEND.... I am going to mi bezzies Spring fling...!!! haha!

(btw... I PROMISE I will do a real post soon=) haha)

Ok so thiz is what I have to look foreward to... you know I will make it a surprize.... hahahahahahahaha!!

Ok , so I ma going to tell you about mi HORRIBLE day now.. BUT BEWARE!!!

I am sorry if you guys don't get it but it waz horrible to me!!! OMG, IT WAZ AWEFUL!!
OK well for starters... I HAD A STUPID HISTORY TEST TODAY! It was really easy though, then one of mi bezzies comes up to me and says... "STOP TREATING ME LIKE TRASH!!!,you keep on talking to me like I am trash!!!" UUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! hahahahahaha anywayz...hehehehe and THEN... last night mi one friend tells m that ANOTHER one of mi friendz says to me that I am her best friend but she also said that to mi other friend!!!! and to top it off.... I HAD AUGE FIGHT WITH MI MOM but it's all cool now(with mi mom I mean, Im still mad at mi so called friends)

So here are the tallys....
Hypocrites..... 1
Spiteful people...2!!!

So ya... Im in  pretty emotional mood....=)
so ya, chat to you guyz soon, remeber to leave loadz of comments, haha!!