Sunday, May 30, 2010

The 7 day Memory Challenge and THE30DAYSONGCHALLENGEDAY12,13 AND 14 and 2 Awards!!

Hiya Bloggy readers!!=)
I am starting a...
Its going to be really cool and HOPEFULLY you guys will do it.
Here are the days:
Day 1: A happy memory
Day 2: A sad memory
Day 3: A funny memory that happened at school(or home school)
Day 4: An embarrassing memory that happened at the mall
Day 5: The worst memory thats ever happened to you
Day 6: The best memory thats ever happened to you
Day 7: A memory that happened with your friends

Tell your friends to do it=)

I hope you will enjoy it!!
Day 12 - A song from a band you hate
I already told my viewers that I dont have a fav or none fav band so I will choose the song...
by Selena Gomez
i've heard it sooooo many times!!

Day 13 - A song that is a guilty pleasure
A guilty pleasure?????
HowDown ThrowDown by Miley Cyrus
I even know the dance moves!!!:O

Day 14 - A song that no one would expect you to love
Lets think...
The theme song to Fairly Odd Parents!!
Now for 2 BRILLIANT awards!!
from BRILLIANT bloggers!!
The first award I got was from Mizz Ali
Its called the...
Blog of the year award that was made by...


the 2nd blog award I recieved is from Sniper!
This is what I have to do:

1. you must thank the person who gave it to you.Loulou

2. you must give the award to THREE AMAZING BLOGS.
I award this award to:
Anna Banana

I love sooo many blogs anyone can take it though!!=)

3. you must copy the award and put it on a blog post and put it on your side bar (you don't have to).
4. you must put up 5 of you FAVORITE WEBSITES up in a list.
Club Penguin
Games 2 girls
Line Rider
(I dont have a fith one:()

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've been awarded my OWN award!!!=)

I won my own award!!
I prtomise I will post something interesting soon!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

30DAYSONGCHALLENGE day 8,9 ,10 AND 11 (for future when Im not on=)

HEY blogoverse readers=)
Day 08 - A song that you know all the words to:
that would have to be an OLD song (not that old) called:
I have NOOOOOO idea who it's by, it's like a really classical person, I think=)

Day 09 - A song that you can dance to:
All I ever Wanted
By Kelly Clarkson

Day 10 - A song that makes you fall asleep:
Another composer I dont know ( I sang this song in choir!!=)
Day 11 - A song from your favorite band:
I dont think I have a fav. band so I'll choose a song by Katy Perry!!
That covers it for now!!=)

3 awards!!

This is an award I made and took a picture of, so its not that clear but its the thought that counts!!=)
Remember this is NOT awarded to myself so I dont have it yet=)
For this award you have to:
1.Say 7 things you would LOVE to have but you dont own!!
2.Follow 3 more blogs that youve never heard about!!!

I award this one to:

The second award I got from Gabby(her link is on my other award!=))
 So, for this award:

1. List your top 10 favorite songs on your iPod

  • My life would suck without you

  • Tik tok

  • The Climb

  • Magic

  • Everything comes naturally


  • 123

  • Wavin Flag

  • I dont hook

  • You belong with me

2. State what color your iPod is

3. Give this award to 11 music loving bloggers

I award:

Cherry Diva
can't think of 11 so I'm going to award my LUCKY no.
No rules for this one, just award 5 inspirational bloggers!
For this award I award,=)
Cherry Diva(her link is at the top!!=)
Mizz Ali(her link is at the top)

Monday, May 24, 2010

30DAYSONGCHALLENGE day 5,6 and 7!!

DAY 5=)
(a song that reminds me of someone)
This would have to be TIK TOK by Kesha!!
will post words later!!
This is because me and My best bud, were at a water park and we were just dancing around in the pool to this song!!

(A song that reminds me of somewhere)
I dont hook up by Kelly Clarkson!
THIS WOULD HAVE TO BE BECAUSE I went to her concert!!!

(A song that reminds  of a certain event)
let me seeeeeeeeeeee?????
My life would Suck without you by Kelly Clarkson
This was for a school event!!


Some weird things from email!!

THANX Mizz Ali for posting on my BLOGGY while I was away!!(well couldn't post=))
This post is going to be about some really cool things I got n my email!!(well some MORE things!!)
I hope you ALL enjoyed my post on WONDERFUL CREATIONS!!
click here to view it!!
So before I do day 5, 6 AND 7 of the 30DAYSONGCHALLENGE  here are some truely COOL things I recieved on email!!

THIS DROVE ME CRAZY!! Even more than I already AM! Smile!!

Find the error, its impossible

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Did you know that 80% of UCDS students could not find the error above?
comment me if you think you have the answer to this BRAIN BUSTER and I will tell you the answer on your blog or i'll send you an email!!!
Here is another of my fav. things on email!!
Beauty of Maths!

1 x 8 + 1 = 9

12 x 8 + 2 = 98

123 x 8 + 3 = 987

1234 x 8 + 4 = 9876

12345 x 8 + 5 = 98765

123456 x 8 + 6 = 987654

1234567 x 8 + 7 = 9876543

12345678 x 8 + 8 = 98765432

123456789 x 8 + 9 = 987654321

1 x 9 + 2 = 11

12 x 9 + 3 = 111

123 x 9 + 4 = 1111

1234 x 9 + 5 = 11111

12345 x 9 + 6 = 111111

123456 x 9 + 7 = 1111111

1234567 x 9 + 8 = 11111111

12345678 x 9 + 9 = 111111111

123456789 x 9 +10= 1111111111

9 x 9 + 7 = 88

98 x 9 + 6 = 888

987 x 9 + 5 = 8888

9876 x 9 + 4 = 88888

98765 x 9 + 3 = 888888

987654 x 9 + 2 = 8888888

9876543 x 9 + 1 = 88888888

98765432 x 9 + 0 = 888888888

Brilliant, isn't it?
And look at this symmetry:

1 x 1 = 1

11 x 11 = 121

111 x 111 = 12321

1111 x 1111 = 1234321

11111 x 11111 = 123454321

111111 x 111111 = 12345654321

1111111 x 1111111 = 1234567654321

11111111 x 11111111 = 123456787654321

111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321

Now, take a look at this...


From a strictly mathematical viewpoint:
What Equals 100%?
What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?
Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%?
We have all been in situations where someone wants you to
How about ACHIEVING 101%?
What equals 100% in life?
Here's a little mathematical formula that might help
answer these questions:


Is represented as:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.

H-A-R-D-W-O-R- K
8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%

11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%

1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

THEN, look how far the love of God will take you:
12+15+22+5+15+6+7+15+4 = 101%

Its cooler than you think!!
So I will post some more  really awesome emails that I got from FWENDS!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 4!!!!!

+Hiya readers of my blog!  For day 4, it is: A song that makes me sad. It would have to be 'Wavin' flag' by Khaan. Due to personal reasons.
Here are the words!!

When i get older, they'll call me freedom

Just like a Waving Flag.
When I get older, I will be stronger,
They'll call me freedom, just like a Waving Flag,
And then it goes back, and then it goes back,
And then it goes back
Born to a throne, stronger than Rome
but Violent prone, poor people zone,
But it's my home, all I have known,
Where I got grown, streets we would roam.
But out of the darkness, I came the farthest,
Among the hardest survival.
Learn from these streets, it can be bleak,
Except no defeat, surrender retreat,
So we struggling, fighting to eat and
We wondering when we'll be free,
So we patiently wait, for that fateful day,
It's not far away, so for now we say
So many wars, settling scores,
Bringing us promises, leaving us poor,
I heard them say, love is the way,
Love is the answer, that's what they say,
But look how they treat us, Make us believers,
We fight their battles, then they deceive us,
Try to control us, they couldn't hold us,
Cause we just move forward like Buffalo Soldiers.
But we struggling, fighting to eat,
And we wondering, when we'll be free
So we patiently wait, for that faithful day,
It's not far away, but for now we say,
[Chorus] 2x
(Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhh)
And everybody will be singing it
(Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhh)
And you and I will be singing it
(Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhh)
And we all will be singing it
(Ohhh Ohh Ohh Ohh)
[Chorus] 2x
When I get older, when I get older
I will be stronger, just like a Waving Flag,
Just like a Waving Flag, just like a Waving flag
Flag, flag, Just like a Waving Flag

Dont worry viewers Mizz Ali is only helping me While I cant go on the Internet!!=)


Thursday, May 20, 2010

WOW!!!!!! wOnDeRfUL cReAtIoN!!!!

 Hiya! Mizz Ali from Random Gorgeouznezz here! Ash asked me to do some posts 4 her, she can't get a computer as much as I can! (Terrible English, but you know what I mean!) Just to let you know, all the words, photos and thought comes from Ash, (except for this) so enjoy ASHLEY'S post! (Which is REALLY GORGEOUZ!)

Hey Peeplez of the Blogoverse! Thank you to YOU who is busy reading this post right now! One of my best friends sent me these AWESOME pictures and I just HAD to share them with you! I CAN ASSURE YOU they are ALL REAL! Wow, God is amazing! (And if you aren't Christian, then YOUR god is ALSO amazing!)



30 Day Song Challenge day 2 & 3

Day 2: Your least favorite song: BABY by Justin Bieber. I find it SO IRRITATING! I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER!
Everybody drools over him, hes so boring! (But, that's my opinion!)

Day 3: Oh Happy Day. Not sure if you know this, but I sang this is my city choir with my friends! Lalalalala! (Don't you think that this music heart is really pretty? LOL!)

I am a music FANATIC and it's so hard to choose! I also love songwriting! I will post a song that I wrote the other day soon!

Lotsa love, BLINGLICIOUs

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

30 day song challenge!!!

Hey my awesome and RANDOM(just kidding)
VIEWERS!!!(well I hope you view my blog!!!=)

This post is about a 30 day song challenge!!!
This is what it is:
You post a song on your blog everyday according to this sequence!!

Day 01 - Your favorite song
This is my FAV. song!!!
Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

Come take a walk with me.
Let's pretend we're just two people and
You're not better than me.
I'd like to ask you some questions if we can speak honestly.
What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street?
Who do you pray for at night before you go to sleep?
What do you feel when you look in the mirror?
Are you proud?

How do you sleep while the rest of us cry?
How do you dream when a mother has no chance to say goodbye?
How do you walk with your head held high?
Can you even look me in the eye
And tell me why?
Dear Mr. President,
Were you a lonely boy?
Are you a lonely boy?
Are you a lonely boy?
How can you say
No child is left behind?
We're not dumb and we're not blind.
They're all sitting in your cells
While you pave the road to hell.
What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away?
And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay?
I can only imagine what the first lady has to say
You've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine.

How do you sleep while the rest of us cry?
How do you dream when a mother has no chance to say goodbye?
How do you walk with your head held high?
Can you even look me in the eye?
Let me tell you 'bout hard work
Minimum wage with a baby on the way
Let me tell you 'bout hard work
Rebuilding your house after the bombs took them away
Let me tell you 'bout hard work
Building a bed out of a cardboard box
Let me tell you 'bout hard work
Hard work
Hard work
You don't know nothing 'bout hard work
Hard work
Hard work
How do you sleep at night?
How do you walk with your head held high?
Dear Mr. President,
You'd never take a walk with me.
Would you?

Day 02 - Your least favorite song
Day 03 - A song that makes you happy
Day 04 - A song that makes you sad
Day 05 - A song that reminds you of someone
Day 06 - A song that reminds of you of somewhere
Day 07 - A song that reminds you of a certain event
Day 08 - A song that you know all the words to
Day 09 - A song that you can dance to
Day 10 - A song that makes you fall asleep
Day 11 - A song from your favorite band
Day 12 - A song from a band you hate
Day 13 - A song that is a guilty pleasure
Day 14 - A song that no one would expect you to love
Day 15 - A song that describes you
Day 16 - A song that you used to love but now hate
Day 17 - A song that you hear often on the radio
Day 18 - A song that you wish you heard on the radio
Day 19 - A song from your favorite album
Day 20 - A song that you listen to when you’re angry
Day 21 - A song that you listen to when you’re happy
Day 22 - A song that you listen to when you’re sad
Day 23 - A song that you want to play at your wedding
Day 24 - A song that you want to play at your funeral
Day 25 - A song that makes you laugh
Day 26 - A song that you can play on an instrument
Day 27 - A song that you wish you could play
Day 28 - A song that makes you feel guilty
Day 29 - A song from your childhood
Day 30 - Your favorite song at this time last year


Monday, May 17, 2010

Some more Awards!!!YAY!!!

Thank you sooooooooo much to:
Music and the Lyrics of life
for giving me this award!!
HMMMMMMMMM(she said thinking)
for this award I have to..
1. Say why you made your blog and if you expected it to be popular at all:

I made my blog bacause I wanted a place to share what I think people should know and to inspire people(and keep myself busy)LOL!!!
2. State the exact date you started your blog:
3. Nominate 10 loyal followers:
So I am nominating:
Anna Banana
Mizz Ali
Cherry Diva
Lets call it a journey
since I only have so many followers thats all I can name for now but otherwise YOU GUYS ARE GORGEOUZ!!!(Mizz Ali's thing)

I have also got this award from Mizz Ali:
For this award I have to say 7 things about myself!!!
1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals!!!
2.7 IS my LUCKY number!
3.I have been afraid of BIG DOGS ever since one bit me on my arm.
4. I have always wanted to be a vet but since I CANT STAND seeing an animals HURT I cant!!! (how ironic poor me)
5. I play the violen, piano, guitar, voice and I play percussion in my school band!!!!
6. I have HATED pink(not shocking) ever since I painted my room pink!!!!!
7.I LOVE biltong!!!!(LIKE Mizz Ali)

I am giving this award to:
Music and the Lyrics of Life

Cherry Diva

Inside Snipers mind

The last award is the...

One lovely Blog Award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For this award you have to..
and post the blogs you follow:
I followed:

I nominate:


Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is for my button!!!

This is going to be on my side bar!!!
To get a button of your own like mine go to this RANDOM and GORGEOUZ site!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Award!

I have got my 4th award from MIZZ GORGEOUZ!!!
Here is a pic of it!!

I am giving this award to:



 Guess what a girl in my class did for a project...
so I decided to do a post on PHOBIAS!!
Here are some RANDOM phobias!!!
(there arent that much otherwise the post would be sooooooooooooo LONG!!!!

•Arithmophobia - Fear of numbers.           
•Aulophobia - Fear of flutes.
•Bibliophobia - Fear of books.
•Chorophobia - Fear of dancing.
•Chromatophobia - Fear of colors.
•Leukophobia - Fear of the color white.
Logizomechanophobia - Fear of computers.
•Namatophobia - Fear of names.(must be a hard one to have)
•Nephophobia - Fear of clouds.
•Oneirophobia - Fear of dreams.
•Phobophobia - Fear of phobias.
•Porphyrophobia - Fear of the color purple.
•Samhainophobia - Fear of Halloween.
•Selenophobia - Fear of the moon.
•Triskaidekaphobia - Fear of the number 13.
•Xanthophobia - Fear of the color yellow or the word yellow.
 •Zelophobia - Fear of jelousy.
•Zemmiphobia - Fear of the great mole rat.

can you believe that the fear of long words is...
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (how ironic!!!)


Mothers Day and other RANDOM things!!!

Heres a shout out to all your mothers!!!
I hope all of you guys SPOILT your mums!!! (I KNOW I DID!)
Here is a random thing that MIZZ ALI DID on her blog!!
Its 100 things that I LOVE!!!
(this is for a tag)

  2. animals
  3. friends(you know what I mean)
  4. MUM AND DAD!!
  5. animals(I am a fanatic)
  6. the colour lime green!
  7. HOT guys!
  8. the no. 7!!!
  9. my blog!
  10. other peoples blogs!!!
  11. my dogs!
  12. my cat~!
  13. hockey!
  14. my room
  16. LOVE (true)
  17. diaries
  18. READING (soon will be totally)
  19. songs!!
  20. dance shows
  21. SWEETS!
  22. Cell phones!
  23. dancing
  24. music
  25. marine biology!!!
  26. short stuffs shortness!!!
  27. FASHION!!
  28. Hip-Hop
  29. Watching Hip-hop
  30. Meeting new people
  31. Teasing friends (ShortStuff & Hobo =D)
  32. Dolphins
  33. reading blogs
  34. movies
  35. the mall
  36. aquariums
  37. sleepovers
  38. Aeroplanes
  39. Flying (in aeroplanes)
  40. Traveling
  41. Photographs
  42. My school=)
  43. Videos
  44. Video cameras
  45. Memories
  46. Angels
  47. South Africa
  48. Skirts
  49. Cool clothes
  50. Eating out
  51. Guy friendz
  52. Hot chocolate
  53. Fruit juice!
  54. Creme soda!
  55. Freedom
  56. Internet
  57. Permanent markers
  58. Birthdays(mine expecially)
  59. Parties
  60. My parties =D
  61. Recieving a letter
  62. Sugar
  63. Noodles
  64. making posters
  65. Crystals
  66. Jewellery
  67. PlayStation 3
  68. Chicken(ali's moms)
  69. Ducklings
  70. Jelly
  71. Laptops
  72. Shocking Pink!
  73. i!Exclamation Points!i
  74. SYMBOLS &hearts
  75. Camping
  76. fishing
  77. Swimming
  78. Breathing
  79. log fires
  82. Pringles
  83. My brother
  84. England
  85. NOT loving Justin Bieber
  86. NUMBERS!
  87. School
  88. Energade
  89. My friends getting along!
  90. CHOIR!
  91. Art
  92. telling the time!
  93. FRECKLES!!!
  94. the GUITAR!!
  95. biltong!
  96. Blogger!
  97. Typing
  99. Followers on my blog!
  100. THAT IM DONE!!!!
This was SOOO randomly awesome!!
OMG! I cant believe I did that, it was sooo fun!!!

SIGNED blinglicious!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Comment Queen: I LOVE comments!!

 This post is about COMMENTS!!
So this is how it works!!:
Im going to give the person who posts the most comments on my blog the: QUEEN OF COMMENTS!! award!
  • They cant e mean or nasty(the comments)
  • It applies both wayz, whoever posts the most comments I will try to post a comment on everyone of their posts!!!
  • I will only give the award to someone who hasn't got it already!!!
  • AND finally, the comments have to be about my blog or the post (not really I just said that because I couldnt think of another one!!)
Heres a picture of the AWARD!!!:


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Celeb. WATCH!!

This post is going to be about celebs including Justin Bieber, Rihanna,Miley Cyrus, and maybe other celebs!!!

OMG!!! can you believe that he asked out Rihanna!!
I'm sorry bet just because he is a star doesn't mean that age doesn't necessarily mean that age doesn't matter!!!
He did get rejected (poor Justin)

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus turns Gaga!!
I'd never think that this would happen (me being dramatic, i thought!!!)
To me this new fashion trend speaks BIRD!!!
Anywayz, I think if she wants her music video, her song, and har fashion instinct to stay intact the she should stay away from watching all those Gage videos and TV shows, just because shes attracting the crowd doesnt mean that Miley has to do it the same way too!!!!
Thats more for now but make sure that you vote on the polls to see which `stunt` you like best performed by each of these celebs!!!!
I have to give cradit to an awesome blog called *welcome to my world*
which is run by Jennifer for giving me information on this subject!!!

My GRRRRRR moment!!!!

GRRR, sometimes I get a little frustrated with my friendies, but they are really cool, so I GET OVER IT!!!!
and sometimes my fwends hold things against me sometimes, even though I'm trying to do my hardest with things!!! Its kinda hard being stuck between two friends who HATE in capitals, HATE!! eachother.
But I guess I kinda have to get used to it though!!
I know they are neva going to like eachother no matter how much I try.
This picture is going a bit easy on what Im trying to describe.

But my friends are awesome when their not calling eachother names!

But sometimes I wish they would just cut me some SLACK!!!
Its not so easy!!
(I think I've said that before)

Maybe I should cut them some slack too, but it still works both wayz!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friendship Quiz!!!

This quiz is to see if your a good friend!!
The results to determine if you are a good BFF or not will be at the bottom, every answer you have will count for a specific amount of points, the lower your points the BETTER!!

1. If you and your BFF are fighting you...

a.Just let it be.
b.Talk to her about it and try to sort it out.
c. Go off with other friends (shell be sorry)
d. Tell everyone shes mean!

2.If you and your BFF like the same guy you...

a. Grab him fast (she doesntt deserve him)
b.Secretely date him-you dont want to hur her feelings.
c. See who gets asked out first.
d.Disscus it-and promiss not to fall out.

3.If your BFF is chosen for the school play and you arent you...

a.Feel disappointed-but help her with her lines anyway.
b.Smile at her while sulking.
c.Give her a hug-you dont mind.
d.Start a fight-you would have been better!

4.She wore a hideous outfit to the mall you...

a.stay away from her-shes weird!
b.Dont mind, its the outside that counts.
c.Point it out and tell her its gross.
d.Give her somenthing new to put in her wardrobe!!

5.She suddenly goes all moody on you so you...

a.Ignore it-your all fun and games.
b.walk away shes not worth it.
c.try to make her feel better.
d.comfort her and try to help.

6.You are invited to a party and she isnt you...

a.decide not to go-it wont be fun without her.
b.Go, but keep it a seceret and hope she doesnt find out.
c.Rub it in her face.
d. Tell her about it and ask if its OK  to go.

7.Your two BFF`s are fighting so you...

a.are mad at both of them.
b. Talk to them seperately and ask them to consider you for a change.
c.It doesnt matter-just let them be.
d. feel angry that them fighting is tearing you up-how could they do this to you!!!

1. A. 2      B.0      C.6     D.8
2.A. 7       B.1      C.2     D.0
3. A.1       B.4      C.0     D.7
4.A.7        B.0      C.4     D.2
5.A.4        B.7      C.1     D.0
6.A.2        B.5      C.7     D.0
7.A.6        B.1      C.0     D.7

You are the BESTEST friend. How could she live without you!!!

You will always be there for your friend!

GREAT!! but put in a little bit mor effort!!!!!

31 and over
You need to work n some issues!=(


Hey WWW. surfers,
this is a post about my OMG OUCH!!! moment.
OK, so there I was, about to get into the front seat of the car. I opened the door. Heart rushing with excitement(dramatic) and then... BLAM!!! It had happened. I had hit my head on the tip of the car door. IN searing PAIN I got in the car, trying not to shed a tear. THE END!!!
ouch!! But seriously that really HURT!!
I still have  a HUGE!! bump on my head.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Hey peoplez of Earth!!, I guess your wondering what Shelfari is!
(if you know then GOOD for you!)
Well Shelfari is a book website(its cooler than it sounds)
You get a shelf and you put book that youve read, will read and are reading!!
You can also join clubs, write notes to people, make syber friends and some celebs are on there too!!
heres the link:


Kids Choice Awards!! SLIME GLORIOUS SLIME!!!

Nickelodeon holds every years a totally AWESOME KCA that includes a whole lot of slime, slime and SLIME!!

It was a really fun one this year, but I have to say in my oppinion that I preffered 2009s one. WHERE JACK BLACK was the host!!
But this year someone else was the host!!!!
and his name is...
Kevin James!!
HE even had a circle thingy to say whether he was OK or BEYOND AWESOME!!!
so these are the people who I can remember got awards!!
TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!  Dylan Sprouse!!!
and Miley Cyrus            EEEEEEEEEEEP!!
And Katy Perry sure got a surprise when she was opening the box to see who won an award!!!
So as you can see everyone had a blast and expecially with a new slime world record and performances by Justin Beiber and Rihanna!!!
So everyone had a blast and Im sure all of them wished that they couldve been SLIMED!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I`ve been tagged!!!


mizz ali tagged me in a comment!!!
not exactly what I mean!!
I dont know what it is but it seems cool even though its nothing!!!
Ive had alot more views I am soooo excited!!!
any body OUT there!!!!???

ANYWAYZ  hope you are enjoying my posts, MORE COOL THINGS COMMING SOON!!!

Diamonds are a GIRLS Besti!!!

People always sat that diamonds are a girls best friend!!!
this is a random post!!!

I think CHOCOLATE (ah ah ah so mouth watering!) is a girls BESTI!!!
lets COMPARE!!
DIAMONDS!!                                                       chocos!!
but vote on the polls!!!! and well see!!