Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friendship Quiz!!!

This quiz is to see if your a good friend!!
The results to determine if you are a good BFF or not will be at the bottom, every answer you have will count for a specific amount of points, the lower your points the BETTER!!

1. If you and your BFF are fighting you...

a.Just let it be.
b.Talk to her about it and try to sort it out.
c. Go off with other friends (shell be sorry)
d. Tell everyone shes mean!

2.If you and your BFF like the same guy you...

a. Grab him fast (she doesntt deserve him)
b.Secretely date him-you dont want to hur her feelings.
c. See who gets asked out first.
d.Disscus it-and promiss not to fall out.

3.If your BFF is chosen for the school play and you arent you...

a.Feel disappointed-but help her with her lines anyway.
b.Smile at her while sulking.
c.Give her a hug-you dont mind.
d.Start a fight-you would have been better!

4.She wore a hideous outfit to the mall you...

a.stay away from her-shes weird!
b.Dont mind, its the outside that counts.
c.Point it out and tell her its gross.
d.Give her somenthing new to put in her wardrobe!!

5.She suddenly goes all moody on you so you...

a.Ignore it-your all fun and games.
b.walk away shes not worth it.
c.try to make her feel better.
d.comfort her and try to help.

6.You are invited to a party and she isnt you...

a.decide not to go-it wont be fun without her.
b.Go, but keep it a seceret and hope she doesnt find out.
c.Rub it in her face.
d. Tell her about it and ask if its OK  to go.

7.Your two BFF`s are fighting so you...

a.are mad at both of them.
b. Talk to them seperately and ask them to consider you for a change.
c.It doesnt matter-just let them be.
d. feel angry that them fighting is tearing you up-how could they do this to you!!!

1. A. 2      B.0      C.6     D.8
2.A. 7       B.1      C.2     D.0
3. A.1       B.4      C.0     D.7
4.A.7        B.0      C.4     D.2
5.A.4        B.7      C.1     D.0
6.A.2        B.5      C.7     D.0
7.A.6        B.1      C.0     D.7

You are the BESTEST friend. How could she live without you!!!

You will always be there for your friend!

GREAT!! but put in a little bit mor effort!!!!!

31 and over
You need to work n some issues!=(

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Mizz Ali said...

I am the BESTEST friend =) Yay! =)So are you =P