Saturday, May 8, 2010

My GRRRRRR moment!!!!

GRRR, sometimes I get a little frustrated with my friendies, but they are really cool, so I GET OVER IT!!!!
and sometimes my fwends hold things against me sometimes, even though I'm trying to do my hardest with things!!! Its kinda hard being stuck between two friends who HATE in capitals, HATE!! eachother.
But I guess I kinda have to get used to it though!!
I know they are neva going to like eachother no matter how much I try.
This picture is going a bit easy on what Im trying to describe.

But my friends are awesome when their not calling eachother names!

But sometimes I wish they would just cut me some SLACK!!!
Its not so easy!!
(I think I've said that before)

Maybe I should cut them some slack too, but it still works both wayz!!

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Rach. said...

This blog is totally awesome!