Monday, May 3, 2010

Kids Choice Awards!! SLIME GLORIOUS SLIME!!!

Nickelodeon holds every years a totally AWESOME KCA that includes a whole lot of slime, slime and SLIME!!

It was a really fun one this year, but I have to say in my oppinion that I preffered 2009s one. WHERE JACK BLACK was the host!!
But this year someone else was the host!!!!
and his name is...
Kevin James!!
HE even had a circle thingy to say whether he was OK or BEYOND AWESOME!!!
so these are the people who I can remember got awards!!
TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!  Dylan Sprouse!!!
and Miley Cyrus            EEEEEEEEEEEP!!
And Katy Perry sure got a surprise when she was opening the box to see who won an award!!!
So as you can see everyone had a blast and expecially with a new slime world record and performances by Justin Beiber and Rihanna!!!
So everyone had a blast and Im sure all of them wished that they couldve been SLIMED!!!

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