Sunday, August 29, 2010

*******>AWESOME WEEKEND!!<*******

Hey guyzzzz!!! Finally have a free moment!!
Oh, and a bit of good news..... Mizz Ali and I are not fighting!!! YAY!!!
Hahahahaha!! I feel so crazi!! So anyway, my weekend was so awesome!
It was a whle new level of coolness(my new word)
Ok, so we all met at mi school. When everyone arrived we finally hit the road to uShaka Marine world!!! YIPEE!! hahaha!!
We all had a blast and me and my BEZZIE had loads of fun!!! We watched the dolphin show and the seal show. I got loads of pics that I will post soon. I cant post them now because I am on the slowest comp. EVER!! HAHAHA!! I also stayed at Mizz Ali's houze and we had a ball!! Even though he waz sick. SOWI ALI!!! FEEL BATER SOON!!!

I have also got next week to look forewar too!! I am going to my Bezzies supa cool spring fling. I can't wait to meet all of her friends!! I AM SO NERVOUS!! haha.

Ok guyz so that a pretty forewar scope of my weekend, but I will post a proper pozt soon!!!
I am still getting back into the blogging world!!
LUV YOU GUYS!!! Biiiiiii!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

OMG! I can't believe it!!!

Hey guyz!!!!
I decided to pozt again cuz I am bored!!! haha!!!(just kidding!!)
Pluz, I need to tell you guyz alot!!!
I'm so happy that some people like my posts!!! LUV YA PRINCESS SOUSUE!!!(sorry for spelling) haha!!!!
So guyz, I just need to get out a quicky irritation!!! SO HERE IT GOES........

OMG!!! I am so mad, how would you feel if one of your bezziez took you off say ablogroll just because you couldn't pozt... my guezz is.... not very happy!!! SO THANX ALOT!!! and plz stop telling me what to do!!!! uhhhh!!!!

Ok, now that thats done and dusted haha!!! I'm sorry, I just had to get that off mi chest!!! heeeeeehheeee!!
Ok, so I would love to hear from all of you guyz, I need to catch up on alot of reading blogz and commenting!!! I AM SOOOOO SORRY!!!!

So ok, this is mi weekend....(EEEEP, I am soooo excited!!!!)
Well Im going to a flippen awsome party tomorrow!!! I am really excited!!! I get to go to uShaka Marine World and the beach with me bezziez!!!! haha. And I get to see my bezzie that I havnt seen for ages!!!! LIKE 5 MONTHS!!! I MISS HER SOOOO MUCH!!!!

haha.... WOOOHOOO!!! So here is some other newzzzz...
I am a main character in the play mi school is doing!! YAY!!! HAHA, and I'm a dancer, and...... I'm in the band!!! haha I am like sooo happy!!!

ummmm.... what else.... arg!!! can't think of nything, well I'll post more when I can, so plz tell everyone to look at mi blog again!!! haha


Hey guyzzzz!!!

Hey guyzzzz!!! I'm sorry about my last post!!! But I will be back in the holidayz. It's just when I'm in school, I cant blog for  a while. So plz dont stop viewing my blog. I will pozt when I can!!! I PUNKY PROMISE!!!! Just bear with me until holz are here!!!!

thnx for understanding!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hey, guys, it's great to be baack!!!
The only bad news I have had is that..... I have been sick!!!!!!!When I say sick, I seriously mean sick!!! I had really bad influenza-itus and tonselitus (sorry for spelling!!!) Oh, and Mizz Ali and I are fighting but thats her problem!!!!! She's mad at me because of a boy.... typical, If you are reading this Ali, it's not my fault bacause you said it was fine... you excact words were....
" It's fine ash, with me it doesn't count, we never actually went out, but you and Devan actually did go out so..." YOU WORDS NOT MINE!!!!!!! And I would appreciate it if you didn't go BLABBING all of my secrets to Kate!!!!!!! Anyway, I am over it, iot's not my problem, it's yours.... so now on with the post!!!


We are finally doing the play!!! I am soooo excited =D I AM A MAIN CHARACTER!!!! YAY ME!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. I am this girl called Annie Oakly, from Annie get your gun, I even get to sing a solo!!! EEEEEEEP!!! I am so excited!!!!! I ama lso a dancer for this one song, New York New York so ya!!!!! I start practicing WEDNESDAY!!!! SOMEONE PINCH ME!!! I MUST BE DREAMING, EEEEP!!!

OH, and the results are in from my poll, they were quite good for me, Apparantly I do oput enough UMPH!! in my posts!!! hahahahaha!!!! So thanx for you guys who voted!!! I appreciate good and bad advise so ya anytime!!!

I am so sorry to leave you guys so soon, but I have to go, will post soon
p.s. Please comment
p.p.s. hope to post tomorrow!!!!
p.p.p.s. wish me luck for play practise, hahaha!!=)