Friday, August 27, 2010

Hey guyzzzz!!!

Hey guyzzzz!!! I'm sorry about my last post!!! But I will be back in the holidayz. It's just when I'm in school, I cant blog for  a while. So plz dont stop viewing my blog. I will pozt when I can!!! I PUNKY PROMISE!!!! Just bear with me until holz are here!!!!

thnx for understanding!!!!

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Mizz Ali said...

Punky Promise is our thing, please don't use it everywhere! It was originally mine and Kajals....but anyway....... :)

I only took it off cuz u never posted.

And please, when you ask a question, use QUESTION marks {?} not exclamation points ! {!}

Anyway, the next hols are on the 23rd september (I think) and they're only a week long.

See ya


Princess SouSue said...

i'm glad urback!!!!!