Sunday, August 29, 2010

*******>AWESOME WEEKEND!!<*******

Hey guyzzzz!!! Finally have a free moment!!
Oh, and a bit of good news..... Mizz Ali and I are not fighting!!! YAY!!!
Hahahahaha!! I feel so crazi!! So anyway, my weekend was so awesome!
It was a whle new level of coolness(my new word)
Ok, so we all met at mi school. When everyone arrived we finally hit the road to uShaka Marine world!!! YIPEE!! hahaha!!
We all had a blast and me and my BEZZIE had loads of fun!!! We watched the dolphin show and the seal show. I got loads of pics that I will post soon. I cant post them now because I am on the slowest comp. EVER!! HAHAHA!! I also stayed at Mizz Ali's houze and we had a ball!! Even though he waz sick. SOWI ALI!!! FEEL BATER SOON!!!

I have also got next week to look forewar too!! I am going to my Bezzies supa cool spring fling. I can't wait to meet all of her friends!! I AM SO NERVOUS!! haha.

Ok guyz so that a pretty forewar scope of my weekend, but I will post a proper pozt soon!!!
I am still getting back into the blogging world!!
LUV YOU GUYS!!! Biiiiiii!!!

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Mizz Ali said...

haha glad 2 see u are posting again

Talia said...
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Talia said...

Wow sounds like you had a real fun week, and another one to look forward to! I'm glad you and Mizz Ali are friends, I hate too see when good friends fight, it breaks my heart <3

Loulou said...

Its nice to have you back!!!

Princess SouSue said...

i'm glad u guy had "kiss and made up" lol

Fickle Cattle said...

I'm glad you and ali aren't fighting anymore. :-)