Monday, May 16, 2011

A camp and a choir tour:)

*"Santa Claus has the right idea ... visit people only once a year." *

-Victor Borge

Hello all you wonderful peope of the web. I hope you all had a good week full of laughs and smiles:)
My week was absoloutely crazy. I had one day of school and 6 days full of camps and tours:/

On Tuesday all of the gr.8's went to Entabeni which is in the Berg. I have one word to describe it..........T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E! My legs are still sore from all that walking:'( We played one game called Risky bussiness, where we had to get into groups of 11 and create a campany. My group's company was called D.O.T which stands for-Dangerously.Outrageous.Teenagers. We had to do the worst activities to get money and the group that had the most money at the end won! WE LOST!:( Oh well.....I am SO glad it's over.

Then on Friday I went on choir tour. It was loads of fun! I never knew how much ONE girl could love chickens......She's this one girl in gr.10:)There are so many memories that I had there. On the bus ride home I started crying out of laughter.

But I'm back now:) YAY! and now it's time for........... BREAKING NEWS!

Calico the cat was caught stealing Fluffy the dog's dog biscuit! This careless cat was sentanced to 4 minutes without attention..............poor calico.............what is to become of her........


Since this is my first post with the new layout I don't have any advice to give out so email me at if you have any questions or need advice on anything:)

I end the post with...
1.a snitch
2.a poison taster
3.a gremlin
4.a a clown impersonator
5.someone who eats fire
6.a trash can
7. an accountant:/

well that's it for today:)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New posting ways for my blog:P

Hey guys this is just a quick post to tell you about my new layout for my posts:)

I'm going to have certain things that I will post about every week:) Since school has started I won't be able to post as much so I will probably post once every week.

In every post I do they will have these topics.......

1. Quote of the week- This will be at the top of every post. It will just be a quote I found that I think should be on my blog. Either because it was funnny, inspirational or just describes how I feel and so on.

2.Introduction- This will just be a simple hey, how are you? type of thing. I will also probably tell you something important that happened to me in the last week or something like that.

3. The Topic- This will have something to do with the heading of the post. It will be the main topic I write about.

4. Gossip- This might not be in every post I do as I might not be able to write about anything.

5. Breaking News- This will be made up news froma funny picture:) I've done it before on my blog.

6. Advise Column- Now and then I will be writing on things that I think are useful for people to know. Sorta like an LO lesson.

7.7 things- e.g 7things you shouldn't eat or 7 ways to catch a fish.

Thats basically it!! Tell me what you think please! Much appreciated.