Sunday, May 1, 2011

New posting ways for my blog:P

Hey guys this is just a quick post to tell you about my new layout for my posts:)

I'm going to have certain things that I will post about every week:) Since school has started I won't be able to post as much so I will probably post once every week.

In every post I do they will have these topics.......

1. Quote of the week- This will be at the top of every post. It will just be a quote I found that I think should be on my blog. Either because it was funnny, inspirational or just describes how I feel and so on.

2.Introduction- This will just be a simple hey, how are you? type of thing. I will also probably tell you something important that happened to me in the last week or something like that.

3. The Topic- This will have something to do with the heading of the post. It will be the main topic I write about.

4. Gossip- This might not be in every post I do as I might not be able to write about anything.

5. Breaking News- This will be made up news froma funny picture:) I've done it before on my blog.

6. Advise Column- Now and then I will be writing on things that I think are useful for people to know. Sorta like an LO lesson.

7.7 things- e.g 7things you shouldn't eat or 7 ways to catch a fish.

Thats basically it!! Tell me what you think please! Much appreciated.

3 blog lovin' comments:

Princess SouSue said...

Haha okay-okay :P

Zebra Corriina said...

Coool layout;) i don't have one on my blogggggg!




So cool!

Jinx Grand