Monday, June 28, 2010

My Diary Page! *Day 1*

Hello all of you people of Earth, Saturn and maybe Mars! I am going to do a new segmant on my blog called My diary Page. Since this is my 2nd ost today please don't forget to view my other post at this link:
My Diary Page *Day 1*
Science projects and friends.
Dear Diary...
I have to work on this totally boring science project which is due on the first week we come back to school! I'm busy doing it right now. I guess it's sort of fun because I can do other things while I am doing it. It is very simple. All I have to do is stare at torches all day! YIPPEE! Anywayz I also have to document when I started the torch and when it ran out of battery. I still REALLY want to post that funny video of kit-kat and me. It is halerious. I just need to burn it onto a DVD and then we are all set! So speaking of kit-kat...
She says that I am her besti but she spends ll of her time with Chloe... She's really leaving me out and even after everything we have been through...
1: Her dad died.
2:A kajilion fights.
3: Her and Mizz Ali not being friends anymore (and me being stuck in the middle)
4: She broke up me and Jocelyn.
5:She becomes friends with Jocelyn again and leaves me out.
6: STARTS a HUGE fight between all of our friends then uses us when we forgive her.

SHALL I GO ON???????
UUUGH! It's so messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sad face*
*sigh* but I guess I should of seen this comming... Mizz Ali did....

Tell me if you guys liked it and I will carry on!=)

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ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

(This is in reply to your last post.)
Please don't delete your blog! When I first started blogging, I hardly had any readers, my blogging was horrible, and I always thought that maybe I should just delete my blog. But I didn't. And I am so glad of that!
If you ever need some blogging inspiration, look at other blogs, particularly the ones that get almost 70 comments on every post. Just reading those types of blogs can help improve your blogging so much.
And maybe you should cut back on the amount of exclamation marks you use. I used to put two of them at the end of every sentence, and now looking back, I feel quite embarrassed.
Whatever you do, don't delete your blog. Okay?

xx Blaize.


awe thanx blaize=)

Cassidy said...

I know, i know you have awards 4 me, just pleeze be patient, i'm in a rush, don't even have tyme to do things crctly, jst puttin down txt tawk.



Mizz Ali said...

heyaz! loved this post!!!

Sorry about whats happening with, ahem, HER.
Don't blame yourself Ash, you thought that she was better than that. Evidently not.

That's why I'm not friends with her! But shes stupid to waste your friendship. HER LOSS!


awe thnx ali!!!

Ailish said...

Jeepers I hate selfish people like that. >.<

Talia said...

Awe that's terrible about you an your friend. I know exactly how you feel. IK've been through so much with my friend Gloriana, but throughout the year she kept on leaving me out for other girls. But everytime she became friends with another girl they would get into a huge fight because that girl was a female dog and I was still there with her while this was going on. I always was. And you were too. You should talk to your friend about it, because if you don't you may lose your relationship with her. lots of endless love.


I know I feel like such a loser.