Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Ouch Moment + Awards!

Hello all of my AWESOME viewers. I was on such a high last night. Trust me you odn't want to know. I think I had a LEEEETLE too much air. As one famous friend once said:" We get high on air and drunk on water!" SO TRUE! Anywayz I just want to give a big hello too... MIZZ ALI! I missed you so much. DON'T EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN! Unless your going to a funeral. Then thats acceptable. I guess weddings are OK too but I'm not really as into them as I used too. This one time when I was little I was at my moms friends wedding and I was just a guest, but at the end of the wedding I was the flower girl. I was really cheeky. I wanted to be in all of the pictures and I even walked down the aisle with her. It was a fun time. Anyway... BACK ON TOPIC! Before I do my really painful ouch moment I want to ask all of you guys (my beautiful viewers) if you think my posts are 'juicy' enough. So I am going to do a poll. GUESS WHAT? I'M STILL ON A HIGH. I also don't really post when I am on a high. But It is my goal to post almost everyday. Except for weekends and maybe somedays of the week because I have to work on this STUPID science project for school. Sometimes school just doesn't work for me. OK MOVING ON!

Another Ouch Moment!   
part# I don't know I have so many!

This one is not as dramatic as the other ones though. I was walking to get something from the kitchen. I can't remember what it is. I think the hit might of fried my brain. Or maybe it's just because I am on a high. HEHEHEHEHE i feel random. Anywayz I was being so CLUMSY that I wasn't watching where I was going so I stubbed my toe on a POT PLANT. REALLY A POT PLANT? It was really painful. And if that wasn't painful enough, the day before that a staple got stabbed into my foot. A STAPLE! It drew blood NASTY!

Moving on to my award!
I got this award from Mizz Ali:
( She hasn't put it on her blog yet but I am going to out it on mine anyway because I have had it for a really long time and I want to give it to you guys!)
For this award I have to say 17 of my fav. things...
1) animals

2) computers
3) Friends
4) My dogs
5) Internet
6) cellphones
7) Music
8) Holidays
10) my family
11) sweets
12) iPods
13) Laptops
16) glittery pens
17) bloggy awards!
I am nominating anyone who wants this award and who thinks that their blog is random!

I made another award but I left my camera at home so unfortunately I can't show you the picture of it. It is the : GLITZ AWARD!
I award it too...
Cherry Diva

thats all for today!

7 blog lovin' comments:

Mizz Ali said...

cool post!!!!!! nd don't worry, i wont leave for a while!!!!


good your my bffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff recuring!

Loulou said...

Hey!!!! I am so sad, both france and south africa are OUTO... SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Christiejolu said...

That is so awesome you have a pot plant in your house...I love it...

Calliforniaction. said...

i love iPod, music, books, writing novels, my cat, boy, who has long hair and high heels of course;)

Serena said...

Again, great post.
Again, I love your blog.


thnx guys I know loulou it sucks!!!!