Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some really cool cheats!

Hey all you gorgeouz blog readers! Today's post is going to be some cheats from different websites. I don't have that much time because I have a ballet show later.
Anywayz back on topic...

Club Penguin
Her are the latest cheats from club penguin.

Go to this website to find out all these cool things about Club Penguin and the latest cheats!

I don't really think there are cheats for stardoll but I will look anyway.

Do you want free gifts well do this!First search a girl called surfing-roxy then send her a gift and in a couple of minutes or  

1.go to find friends and write swappers her guestbook write swappers gifts
3.send her a friend request saying gifts 4 eva or something like that a hour or so she wiss send you sommert

How to get more stardollars!

maybe 1 hour you will have 50 stardollars but remember the cheaper the gift the less money you
will get but the more expensive the more money you will get

THIS IS NO JOKE !! try it and see for yourself.

Ok, well thats all I could find for Stardoll but I am sorry if they dont work.

Out of experiance these cheats don't really work but you can try them.
OK! There aren't any cheats for travian who knew?

Since all the cheats I could find were for the islands I am only going o ost one cheat I found but if you want to have cheats for islands got to this website...

Here is the one cheat I found...
How to have coloured skin and carry milk...

Go To 24 Carrot And Go To The Diner And Go To The Drink Meachine And Fill Your Cup With White Milk. Drink It But Hold crtl+shift+s Let Go When You Have Your Favourite Coloured Skin But Quickly Close The Window, Open It Again And Log In.

You Will Have Coloured skin And Will Be Holding Black Milk!
(P.S. If You Dont Like Your Coloured an SellSkin Go To Early Poptropica, Poptropica Towers And Go To The Man Selling Ballons,Chose Your Skin Colour On The Ballon And It Will Be Your Skin Colour It Really Works!!
I hope you enjoyed these cheats if you play any games I havnt mentioned please leave me a comment!
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Cassidy said...

'Ello, where'd you get those? is clearly the best for Wii games. I know. This kid I crank-called once told me that. I got this awesome trick that I just...oh, never mind then! Go on Llamas and Lipstick if I wasn't clear before. NEW, meaning most recent. (SOZ for being sarcastic)

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Oh this is so great, I've been wanting Poptropica cheats for ever! Thanks. And thanks for those awards as well :D

xx Blaize.


thnx guys!

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awesome cheats! so going to use them!! thanks so much =) lots of love!


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