Friday, April 15, 2011

Some more of my story*

HEY!:) So my story still doesn't have a name but I just wrote a bit more:)
here it is:

My heart’s racing. I can feel the wind rush through my hair as I run faster and faster. The only sounds I can hear are the beating in my chest and the siren of the police car that’s chasing me. I know I can’t out-run a police car, but the feeling of adrenaline I get is worth it. I feel like I can do and face anything. I can just imagine the disappointment in my mum’s eyes when she sees me locked up in a prison cell. I ask myself these questions: How did this happen? What’s going to become of me? I realise that there’s no point looking in the future, but to live in the moment. Suddenly I hear my name being screamed by a familiar voice. I look back, but I trip over a sharp rock and hit my head. Everything starts to become black…

It’s the last day of Grade 12 and I am so excited. I start college next year so I have a whole year to chill with my mates. I hear my name being called out to get my diploma. “Charles Rafferdy”. I get up from my chair and shake the teacher’s hand. I couldn’t help but scream out,” West High rules!” I receive a glare from the Lady Principle and walk back to my seat.

As soon as the ceremony finished I went to the closest bar and bought a beer. A few of my friends decided to join me. I started to think how my life is suddenly changing. I went to the same school for my whole school life and now I’m going to college in a year’s time. It’s a chance for a new beginning. I faze back to the real world. Someone taps me on the shoulder and I look behind me. It’s my best friend, Sarah Jennings. “Hey Sarah.” I said, “Long time no see!” She has a very vague look on her face and didn’t reply.

“Are you OK Sarah?” She just stares at me like I’m not even here.

“SARAH!” She shakes her head and replies with a simple,” Hello Charles.”

“Sarah, is everything OK? You seem ‘different’ today”

She sits on the chair next to me and asks for a beer. She explains how her dad died in a car crash yesterday and couldn’t contact me.

“I feel terrible that I couldn’t be there for you Sarah. Is there anything I can do?”

“For now you can just give me a hug and maybe pay for the beer that I can’t afford?”

I laugh, give her a hug and hand her the money for the beer.

As I drive Sarah home I notice some kids fooling around. One looks like they are getting into a fight with another one and the others are just chanting and cheering. The biggest kid in the gang looks at me and nudges the one next to him. I start to drive slightly faster. As I arrive home the doorbell rings. I open the door and one of the kids from the gang is standing in front of me with a gun.

“Put your hands up and no one has to get hurt” he says.

I put my hands up and back away slowly.

“Are you, or are you not a cop?”

“No I’m not. Who are you and how and why did you find me?”

“Oh, sorry then. This is just a misunderstanding.”

He puts the gun in his jacket and closes the door. This is so strange. Since when do kids follow you home and threaten you with a gun for no reason? Realising what the time was, I decide that I was probably just hallucinating and get into bed.

Sorry if you had to read the part you've already red:)

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Queena Corrina said...

Still luvd reading it, again!!! Luv you sooooooo much<3<3 u r totaly awesome!!!! :):) luv ya<3 i already said that, but i don't care<3<3

Zoë.Bestel said...

That's fantastic. I love it!