Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The BeAcH!

hELOOOOO everyone:)
sorry I havn't posted....I've been at the BEACH!

I got the most insane tan! I saw dolphins swimming in the Ocean...they are STUNNING. I didn't take any pictures though:( Sadly I did not have my camera with me but I have my new BLACKBERRY! (It's more of a purpleberry but anyway)

So I rate I am so fit. I had to walk up and down 154 steps! (phew)

I swam pretty far. I went with my friend Chelsea for a week. There was this cutest 2 year old imaginable! His name is troy:) he calls me Ashwee because he can't say his L's. Hes absoloutely adorable.So after breathing beach air for a week I am back to school on Thurday (NOOOOOOOOO)

Will keep you updated:):):):)

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Princess SouSue said...

WHOOOP i'm first to comment! AWESOMEE