Wednesday, April 13, 2011

*My weird story for English

Hello everyone! How are you all on this fine morning?:)

I'm in a really weird mood this morning so I decided to post my weird story I wrote for English. It was suppost to be 300 words. I wrote about 251. Before I start I would just like to say to Corrina that YES its is me! And a shoutout to my bro!( He proved me wrong about my big red button on my left sidebar, Steve.) He said that Steve says to look for a white button and I ofcourse argued and said he didn't. Well you were right! SORRY!
And now.....on with my terrible story...

How The Ladybug Got It’s Spots
Once, there lived a family of red ladybugs in the jungle, where the lions roar, the wolves howl, and the tiger lays deep in the darkness, waiting to pounce on its prey. This family of ladybugs ruled a small part of the jungle, next to the black panther and the lion, who ruled everything else. They had such an unhealthy hunger for power and control, that they strongly envied the black panthers. So one day they came up with a plan.

They plotted and plotted, and schemed and schemed, until finally it resulted in the perfect plan to overthrow the panthers. The plan would take place at midnight. So, at midnight, they quietly crept to the nearest blackberry bush and started collecting as many berries as they could find. They squished the berries, transforming them into black dye, so they could paint themselves black. They did this so they could blame the panthers and say that they attempted to make the ladybugs black instead of red, because red was considered a higher colour. Unfortunately, the panthers denied this and the problem was taken to the lions to decide who was guilty. Accidently, one of the ladybugs spilt water on himself and all of the paint came off, except for some black splodges.

The lions witnessed this and punished the ladybugs by taking away the land ruled by them. From that day on, all ladybugs had little black dots on them, and never ruled anything again.

Little did I know that lions and panthers don't even live in the same country! Next time I'm going to do a LITTLE MORE reasearch!

That's all for today:)

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