Friday, April 16, 2010

A Random Post!

Hey people of Saturn, Uranus and Earth. ( Mercury is not welcome here) JOKES!!!
This is a RANDOM post because I haven't posted anything in a while so this is going to be about...
NOT!!! anything, feel free to give me some ideas on what you would like to read about!!! (please!!)

EEEEEEEP!!!!! I cant believe I'm on POINT SHOES!!!
I'm soooo excited.
Oh! and make sure to check out my breaking new its quite FUNNY!!!
Send me in some news of your own!!!

here's the topic...
This is what came up on google!

RANDOM things to do when you are TOTALLY BORED!!!

1. Dress up a bottle and play with it?????
2. Act like a piece of FRUIT!!!
3.Go to a beach and yell "Tsunami!" Then run away as fast as you can.
4.Turn a light switch on and off really fast.
5.Dress up like a famous rock star and sing.

6.Talk to a random chair and pretend it is a person.
7.Go to school with a kick me sign on your back
A RANDOM VIDEO!!!!! ( kinda, REALLY weird!!!)if it doesnt work properly pause it for a LONG time then play it!!!!

I put seven as it is my lucky number. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS RANDOM POST!!!

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