Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Comments!!! V. IMPORTANT!!!!

Alot of people have been critisizin this blog, and I know they Kinda do have a right, but they sorta dont have to post rude
 comments!!!! I AM ONLY 12!!!! OF COARSE ITS GONNA BE GIRLY AND RANDOM!!! If you are an adult or older, I  suggest you look for another blog to torcher!!!
*LISTEN*  some people have also said that I vote for myself in my poll.
Im not that desprate!!!!!!!!
The Visitor monitors DONT WORK PROPERLY!! They dont show any SOUTH AFRICANS!!!!!
So just lay off!
ALSO, I made this blog for people to enjoy! So you harsh comments arent showing alot of respect!  WHICH MEANS ALOT BECAUSE IM ONLY A TEENAGER!!!

So thank you for understanding!

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