Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4. ways to tell if a person is lying!!!

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1.Someone who is lying will often feel uncomfortable about it, even if they are practiced or used to lying they will likely want out of the conversation as quick as possible. This kind of pressure makes them fidget with their hands and with things around them. They may simply shuffle their feet. Generally a liar will show one or more types of this behavior, depending on the size or seriousness of the lie, as well as their ability to lie effectively. If you know the person well, or even a little, it should be easy to pick up the warning signs and if they play with their hands, move their feet without purpose, or simply start peeling the label a bottle close to hand when they normally don’t they are probably lying.

2.Liars will often use fewer contractions then usual. Making no judgments.  If they tend to use a lot of contractions, as is common with slang and modern ‘text-speak’, then talking without contractions might be a sign they are lying. On the other hand if you are talking to the Queen of England and she says ‘you certainly did not do well’ then you probably just sucked. Similarly if a person repeats a lot of what you say back to them, or uses your own words in answering a question, then it is a good sign they are lying. If you say ‘where did this lipstick come from?’ and they say ‘I do not have a clue where that lipstick came from!’ then they are probably lying. Liars also tend to speed up in order to get it over with as quickly a possible, as well as slurring and fumbling over words because they are busy trying to think of what to say next.

3.This works two ways. One, a liar will be eager to get off the subject because they fear being uncovered. So if they try to introduce new lines of conversation, drift off topic, or set their hair on fire in order to create a conversation piece, they might just be lying. But there is also another way to use a change of subject to detect a lie. If you suspect someone of lying, then you can change the subject. The more surprising the change of subject the better it is to gauge if someone is lying. So just as they are about to explain what color the tiles in the pet store were, (with their speech slurring and their eyes wandering around the room), try jumping in with something unexpected like, ‘hey, did you see that really big red cloud the other day?’ or possible something a little more plausible like, ‘hey, did you see the game last night?’ A liar is more likely to roll with the change of topic because they will be only to happy to move on, whereas someone who is telling the truth, or at least not wrapped up in trying to misguide you, will likely look at you oddly and try backing away slowly.

4.Another form of body language that might indicate someone is lying is if they put things between you. If they literally move a physical object in front of themselves it might represent a bridge between you, the audience, and the truth. In short by placing a saltshaker in the middle of the table, (a book or any other object handy), they cerate a physical barrier between themselves and the person they are lying to. Like most tells this is designed to put distance between them so that the lie might have a better chance of working. Obviously this is largely unconscious behavior since no matter how many salt-shakers you hide behind the facts, or fiction, or the story remain the same and reach the audience the same way. But interacting with various innocuous objects around them is a good sign that someone is lying.

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