Wednesday, December 1, 2010


*Why did the chicken cross the road? I don't know! I didn't make up the joke!*
I Know that was really lame but I wanted to do it anyway.

So OMiGosh! Holidays are finally here! I am so excited! Yesterday was really sad though because it was my LAST day of grade 7! I litteraly SOBBED my eyes out. I am going to miss all of my friends so much...*cry cry, sob sob* But I know that we will meet again some day!

We had to sing some songs to the grade 6's and they had to sing to us. That was the really sad part. We sang a really depressing song.
THESE ARE THE WORDS:(well some of them anyway)

Some oooh's

Verse 1:
Here we are now, everythings about to change. We face tomorrow, as we say goodbye to yesterday... A chapter ending, but the story has only just begun. A page is turning for EVERYONE!

So we are MOVING ON, letting go, holding on to tomorrow, we have always got the memories while we are finding out who we are gonne be... we might be apart but we hope you always know, you will be with us... WHERE EVER WE GO!

Verse 2:
We are so excited, we can bearly even catch out breath. We have eachother, to lean on for the road ahead!

I am too sad to carry on, but you get the picture. It is sung by Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment. So if you want you can look for it on youtube.

SO! I wanna hear ALL about your holidayz and what you have or will be doing!

<3 Ashikinz=)

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Anna said...

i finish school in 9 days and i cannot wait. then on the 13th i'm going to england!!! oxford to be precise.

Loulou said...

OMG!!! I had the most epic snowball fight yesterday!!!! HAHAHA snowballs in the face really wake you up!!!! And I cant wait for my holidays to come!!!

Princess SouSue said...

I missed u!!! I just got back from a holiday in Thailand and i missed all my friends A LOT!!!!

Talia said...

I miss your bloggie soo much! School's prevented me from reading so many of my fave bloggies (urs included...of course!) Awsum (awesome but sad :[) post. I'm positive you'll make tons of new friends don't worry =) Lots of love<3

Princess SouSue said...

Hey! i have a birthday post for u!!!